How to Blog for a living as a Fashion Designer

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It could be that you are an aspiring fashion designer and want to know the secrets to how to blog for a living as a Fashion Designer. If so, then this step by step guide can help you to start a well-developed and informative fashion blog that will meet audience expectations and help you to achieve success.

How to Blog for a Living as a Fashion Designer

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How to Blog for a living as a Fashion Designer

Starting a blog is easy, but it can be difficult to make money instantly from it. With some tips from this guide, you can know how to blog for a living.

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Why Create a Fashion Blog?

Since you are a beginner, you need to have passion about style and fashion as well as follows few top fashion bloggers and check out their portals. Besides providing an amazing platform, it also offers plenty of opportunities to make money. The top fashion and style blogs are known to have their own personality, taste in fashion and unique voice.

The popular fashion bloggers are able to highlight their brands, merchandise and products well. Starting a fashion blog is easy, but making it popular and trying to monetize it, will require some effort.

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How to Blog for a Living as a Fashion Designer
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What is Required to Start a Fashion Blog?

Select the most appropriate platform to develop the fashion blog. Each one comes with its strengths and weaknesses. You can use free blog platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr or as they come with several interesting and unique features. But with free blogs, it the ability to make money is restricted.

Is it possible for a beginner not having coding language to develop a successful website?

Wealthy Affiliate, a powerful site builder can prove to be more than useful and provides you with full ownership and control of your site. Using Wealthy Affiliate, you will need four things to initiate a fashion blog:

  • Web hosting: It is likely to be your blog’s home, where all site related files are to be stored.
  • Domain name: It will be the site address and used by your potential audience to visit the blog. Choose your website name here !
  • Training: Series of courses that walking you through the process of creating and growing a business.
  • Community, Support and Tools: Along the journey of creating a successful online business, you need all of these.

How to Blog for a living as a Fashion Designer using Wealthy Affiliate

You need to buy domain name and web hosting and enjoy transparency at Wealthy Affiliate. You can avail Starter Account (FREE) and upgrade later if desired. The domain name is to reflect personal voice and should be interesting, creative and unique.

How to Blog for a Living as a Fashion Designer Blog Theme

Choosing design for your Fashion Blog

A plain looking blogging or business layout will not do, especially when you are creating a style and fashion related blog. Creativity and style should be present to draw potential visitors to the blog. How to blog for a living and create a creative, stylish, elegant and unique design for the site?

You can easily select one of the 1000s of ready-made WordPress templates for your blog design in Wealthy Affiliate. These are also mobile responsive, which means can be pulled up on tablets and mobile phones and the themes come with own settings page. It is here that the theme, site logo, basic settings and color is to be selected. Depending upon chosen theme, plenty of customization options can be found. Simple design can provide that cleaner look.

Then place informative and relevant posts and articles in the blog and use wisely all available features in Wealthy Affiliate. Add few posts each week and increase frequency gradually to daily updates.

Optimize to get Visitors

Ensure that your potential visitors are able to find your site in this highly competitive virtual world and engage with your site contents.

  • Work on site SEO: Bing and Google are among the leading search engines helping established blogs to get huge traffic. Marketers tend to use Search Engine Optimization for site optimization and higher rankings.
  • Enhance site speed: ‘User Experience’ is of utmost importance as it affects site rankings. The site needs to open instantly.
  • Track user engagement: Highly engaged audience converts into more page views as well as success for the fashion blog.

How to Blog for a Living as a Fashion Designer Fashion Model

How to Make Money from a Fashion Blog

Majority of the successful fashion bloggers are said to promote sponsored contents and are paid by brands for promoting their products. Sponsored and paid contents are major revenue source. Some effective ways to make money from the fashion blog:

  • Affiliate marketing: It allows recommending of loved products. Referral commission is earned as users purchase any product on clicking your set link.
  • Use Google AdSense to display ads: AdSense can help you to display ads on your site and to make money.
  • Create a Pinterest Business Account: Apply for Rich Pin for your Blog or Website, grow your Pinterest following, Join relevant Group Boards, and Pin consistently.
  • Create Instagram Following: Join Instagram to start posting using relevant hashtags.
  • Brand promotions: You can reach out to fashion agencies, startups and brands and partner with them.

Instagram based Fashion Blog

How to blog for a living with Instagram? With Instagram, you can create a huge fan following. But if any policy of this portal is violated, then this following will get eliminated instantly. It should be used to create large audience. However, a central platform will be required to control and ensure that your audience comes back again for more !

Hence, creating own website to promote fashion blog will be a great idea as it provides you with full control and complete ownership.

This way, you can optimize your fashion blog and start earning money from it.

If You Have any questions or need help. Please leave me a comment below. I will be more then happy to help you up. 

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How to Blog for a Living as a Fashion Designer

How to Blog for a Living as a Fashion Designer
How to Blog for a Living as a Fashion Designer

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