Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 : Is it Worth it ?

Wealthy Affiliate is a community-driven online platform meant to support and teach the intricacies of affiliate marketing and online business. It was developed by Kyle and Carlson in 2005 and now has more than 1.5 million marketers and entrepreneurs. The current article provides an honest Wealthy Affiliate review 2019

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Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

There are many reviews of Wealthy Affiliate on the internet. Many of them do not provide an honest Wealthy Affiliate review. The salient features of Wealthy Affiliate and an honest Wealthy Affiliate review based on the same is provided below:

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Transparent and Free Account

Users can start by creating a 100% FREE account on Wealthy Affiliate. It does not start charging the users after a specific look in trial period. The users can continue with their free account on Wealthy Affiliate for as long as they wish. There is no payment information required and the users can access rich content and tools using their free account.

The free account is ideal for beginners who may not be very confident about the platform, helps them to understand the intricacies of Wealthy Affiliate and after using it for some time they can assess if it is suitable for them before upgrading to the paid premium account.

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Community Driven Platform Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

Community Driven Platform

Wealthy Affiliate is a community-driven platform which adds value to it. Wealthy Affiliate has thousands of experienced and like-minded community members belonging to the affiliate marketing domain. The community members have rich experience of affiliate marketing and provide invaluable support to the other members on areas which they need help with. The community members can pose their queries and questions on the forum which are replied to by other members having expertise on the same.

The discussion threads have a wide array of responses from different community members and cover almost all the aspects pertaining to the particular query being discussed. The pooling together of the expertise and knowledge of a vast and experienced community creates a synergistic effect and enhances the learning experience. 

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

Highly Useful Research Tools

Wealthy Affiliate is a storehouse of highly useful research tool. It comes integrated with Jaaxy- a very popular keyword research tool. Keyword research tools are very important for identifying the exact keywords and phrases being used by the online audience for different searches. With the use of Jaaxy, the users can understand the appropriate keywords, keyword ranking, and keyword competition.

This helps them to optimize their web pages accordingly for generating more organic traffic. Jaaxy keyword research tool is a paid tool which the users get integrated with Wealthy Affiliate for free. The keyword research tool has a host of features which will aid the earnings of the users.

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FREE Training Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

Quality Content for Training

Users on Wealthy Affiliate can access rich content and resources for training on multiple topics pertaining to affiliate marketing. The training content is regularly updated to be relevant for entrepreneurs of all types. There are certification courses which is perfect for the new members. The courses are divided into levels ranging from 1 to 5.

Some of the key training content include understanding how to make money using affiliate marketing, building website, getting the site SEO ready, understanding of affiliate programs, adding affiliate links to the website etc. The training levels are activity based and the users can move to the next level only after completing the previous ones.

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Web Hosting is Included

With a subscription of the Wealthy Affiliate, users also get free web hosting of WordPress websites. The setup process is very simple and user-friendly and the users can build an interactive and impressive website very easily. Once the WordPress is installed, users can set their themes, plugins, pages, posts etc. on their websites.

WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference

Users get attractive incentives for their efforts and achievements. When a community member reaches 300 sales per year, they are entitled to be invited to a conference in Las Vegas with the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate- Kyle and Carlson. The community members get to meet with the co-founders and other super affiliates and learn hands-on from them. On achieving 3000 sales per year, they are entitled to an invitation to the Super Affiliate Conference with other exciting items in the itinerary. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Join ? 

Wealthy Affiliate offer both FREE accounts and paid accounts. Beginners are recommended to start with a free account and understand the suitability of Wealthy Affiliate for them. Paid accounts cost $49 per month or $30 per month for annual subscription (billed $359 annually). 


Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms for budding and professional affiliate marketers. On doing an honest Wealthy Affiliate review, it is established that the benefits offered by it far outweigh the subscription cost of the paid model. It gives the users an option of choosing either the free or paid account.

It is the ideal place for new users to learn the intricacies of affiliate marketing from experienced community members. They can also learn the details of affiliate marketing from quality training materials. The membership of Wealthy Affiliate includes web hosting for WordPress websites and Jaaxy keyword research tool which enhances its utility greatly.

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If You have any questions or need help, feel free to leave me a comment below. I will be more than happy to help you up. 

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