Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Honest Review 2019

Keyword research involves determining the exact search terms which the internet users enter to search online content. Knowledge of relevant keywords helps the internet marketers and companies to structure their content better incorporating the most commonly used keywords by the internet users. This can improve the relevance of the content and improve the search rankings of the websites. Google keyword planner is still the most preferred and widely used keyword research tool. More than 90% of all the keyword research is done using it. However, there are other more relevant and user-friendly keyword research tools like the Jaaxy keyword research tool which is gaining traction globally.

Does Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool better than Google Keyword Planner Honest Review 2019

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What is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool ?

Jaaxy is a popular keyword research tool. It filters the important keywords and search results from the databases of Google and presents it in a user-friendly format. It is quickly becoming one of the most preferred keyword research tools globally. Jaaxy keyword research tool collates data from three major search engines- Google, Bing, and Yahoo- and provides it to the users in a simplified and usable form.

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Key Differences between Jaaxy and Google Keyword Planner

The key differences between Jaaxy and Google keyword planner are as follows:


The functionality of the Google keyword planner is based on its integration with Google AdWords. Due to this finding relevant keywords, filing keywords based on related keywords etc. more complicated. Jaaxy keyword research tool is more user-friendly and provides relevant keywords from different search engines.

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Jaaxy is available only in English. Google keyword planner provides the flexibility to the users to manage their preferred language while setting up their account.

Competition of Keywords

Google keyword planner does not provide the ranking or competition for the keywords. The users will be unable to assess the competition for the keywords they are planning to use. Jaaxy provides the competition for the keywords to the users. They can plan their keywords better using Jaaxy as they know the competition for different potential keywords.

Relevancy of Keywords

Google keyword planner is designed to be used in Google’s search engine while Jaaxy’s architecture enables it to pull keyword from multiple search engines and provide to the users. Sometimes Google keyword planner will return irrelevant and redundant keywords as it pulls these keywords by digging deep into the pages and extracting keywords with very less relevance due to the low page ranking.

Jaaxy uses only the most relevant keywords search results and provides better and usable keywords. Google keyword planner provides keywords based on broad suggestions instead of providing exact keywords. Jaaxy allows the users the flexibility of entering any phrase or keyword and provides related keywords.


Google keyword planner is free for users with a Google AdWords account. Jaaxy is available for FREE for Starter Account, a monthly fee of $49 for the Pro plan and $99 for the enterprise plan. Jaaxy has unique features which many other keyword research tools do not possess which makes the monthly fee worth it.

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Pros of Using Jaaxy

The major advantages of using Jaaxy are as follows:

Keywords - Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

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Quoted Search Results (QSR)

The QSR feature of Jaaxy provides the users with details of competing websites which use the exact keywords they are planning to use. The users can see the competition level for keywords and develop their websites accordingly using the appropriate keywords. As a general rule, if the QSR is 300 it represents medium competition, under 200 is low competition, and under 100 is very low competition. In such cases, the content is highly likely to be ranked and featured on the first page of search result.

Alphabet Soup - Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Alphabet Soup

Jaaxy offers a highly useful tool known as the Alphabet Soup. This feature mixes the potential keywords with every alphabet to generate related keywords. When the users type a generic keyword, the Alphabet Soup feature provides related keywords ideas which can be used to develop rich content. This feature allows for brainstorming of keywords which is very useful for the users.

What is Alphabet Soup Technique ? (Video Walk-Through)

Saved Lists

Jaaxy keyword research tool allows the users to save the keyword list for future reference and use. The keywords can be exported as text or spreadsheet. The customers can use the saved list of keywords for designing better campaigns and SEO strategies later.

Site Ranking

Site ranking features allows the users to track their keywords and their competitor’s keywords too. Users can check their websites ranking and verify if the changes made to the website helped improve the ranking or not and the corrective action needed further. The websites of the competitors can also be tracked by the users through the site ranking feature of Jaaxy and check which competitors are ranking ahead of them.

Search Analysis

Using the search analysis utility, the customers can see who is ranking with their planned keywords. The users can analyze what the competitors are doing to improve their ranking and what they are not doing. This helps them to plan their strategies for improving the ranking of their own websites.

Cons of Using Jaaxy

The major cons of Jaaxy keyword research tool are as follows:


Jaaxy keyword research tool is costly, especially for beginners. This might be a hindrance for many users in adopting Jaaxy.

Too Many Features

While being overloaded with features is a good thing, Jaaxy provides too many features to the users. Some features may not be used by them at all.

Video Walk-Through : (How to get ranked in Google by using Jaaxy)

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Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool vs Google Keyword Planner Honest Review 2019

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review 2019

Does Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Better than Google Keyword Planner L
Google Keyword Planner vs Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool which one is better

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